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Healthy Hair Begins With A Healthy Scalp

Heal thy scalp to achieve healthy hair. The foundation of your healthy hair journey beings at the root, which is in your scalp. 

Detoxing your scalp restores hair health by exfoliating and removing toxins and impurities caused by contact with other chemicals. A scalp detox reduces dandruff and frizz, while facilitating hair growth, strength, and natural luster.

Our Scalp Detox Clay Masque has a high absorption rate, which removes additional oil build up from your hair and scalp without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Removing negative charged toxins aid in healthy hair growth and help maintain healthy hair. This Scalp Detox Clay Masque contains a high variety and diversity of minerals to aid in hair health and hair growth.

Our Scalp Therapy and Hair Repair service stimulates the scalp by encouraging blood circulation and healthy hair growth. This service includes steam cleanse and conditioning services, which lifts the cuticle to allow our plant based products to penetrate the hair shaft to protect and heal your hair. 

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