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Here's why your hair "isn't growing."

Angels, here's the real deal... Your hair IS growing, but here is the problem: you must be consistent.  The ends of our hair are the oldest, driest, and most fragile part of the hair. Therefore, it is important to maintain a consistent and effective routine that will protect your hair from damage and breakage.  FACT: Hair is dead and porous, therefore, any treatment or service you receive is temporary and you must remain consistent to see effective results. Being consistent with trims and hair treatments is an essential part of maintaining healthy hair and retaining length. Do not neglect your trims and treatments. Maintain a 6-8 week schedule of getting a professional hair trim, and be sure to schedule hair treatments on a biweekly/monthly basis. I recommend using Black Bellie Naturals plant based products for your at home hair care after your salon visit. Our products protect the integrity of your hair by deeply moisturizing and strengthening your hair follicles.  TIP: Do not trim your hair at home-- please schedule with a licensed professional.

If your goal is to have healthy hair, you must employ an effective routine.

  • Maintain healthy hair and minimize damage. 

  • Retain length

  • Promotes healthy hair growth by reducing breakage and split ends. 

  • Your hair will appear shiner, healthier, and fuller.

  • Prevent knots and tangles.

  • Improves detangling experience and decreases detangling time.

  • Your hairstyle will look 100% better

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