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Frequently asked



  • What are your products made with?

We use 100% natural and organic ingredients for each product.

  • Which products will make my hair grow?

There isn’t a magical product for hair growth as it is contingent on genetics and the overall health of your hair. We recommend keeping your scalp healthy, clean, and moisturized as that provides a great foundation for hair growth. 

  • Do I have to have natural hair to use your products?

No, our products are gentle and are suitable for all hair types. Black Bellie Naturals, LLC advocates healthy hair maintenance for everyone.

  • Are your products child-friendly?

Yes, our products are child-friendly! Each product is created with all natural and organic ingredients, and they're safe for your entire family to use!

  • Can men use your products?

Yes, men can use Black Bellie Naturals products. Our products are unisex and created for all hair types to grow strong, beautiful, and boldly natural hair!

  • What to do if I have an allergic reaction to your products?

We advise you to immediately stop using the product you suspect is causing the reaction. Contact a physician for further investigation on what ingredient you may be allergic to.If you are aware of any ingredient allergies, we recommend you check the ingredient list before purchase and use.

  • Are your products FDA approved?

FDA approves the results of animal and human laboratory testing to judge if the benefits of a product outweighs the risks. Here at Black Bellie Naturals, LLC we do not use any laboratory testing to develop our formulas. All of our products are handcrafted with natural ingredients to ensure quality.



  • What are the forms of payment you accept?

We accept US based credits and debit cards.

  • Is there a discount code for my order?

All information on promotions and sales will be promoted publicly.

Shipping & Delivery:

  • Which mail courier will deliver my package?

Your package will be delivered by USPS Priority Mail.

  • How long after ordering will my package ship?

All orders have a 3-7 business day timeline. This time span includes filling your order, packaging, creating a shipping label, and processing procedures.

  • I have a lost or damaged package. What do I do?

Contact us immediately with your tracking number.

Return Policy:

No refunds or exchanges will be given on any purchases to ensure sanitation safety.

All sales are final.

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